Through the Cold

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The polar scientist Henryk Frey navigates through the cold, desolate, and lonely Arctic with his icebreaker to find a lost expedition. In doing so, he must not only ensure his own survival but also uncover the expedition’s new discoveries. To achieve his goal, he must visit various research stations in the Arctic and will make some unexpected findings. It is a matter of facing the various dangers in the eternal ice.

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We are currently a small Team with a passion for creating games!

The Soul Blossom UG was founded by Natascha Steinert and Jannis Feldmann in October 2022. Both got to know each other at the University of Bayreuth, where they studied Media Studies with a focus on Video Games. Now after they finished the Bachelor of Arts, they founded Soul Blossom to create even more exciting games for you to play!

If you like to see what we are about to unleash of our realms of game development take a look at our current project above and check out our Twitter and Instagram or get in contact with us and the community on our Discord, where we release the latest updates about our projects.

Previous Projects

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Our Team

Jannis Feldmann


Next to his role as one of the two co-founders, Jannis is the current project lead for Through The Cold as well as the lead 3D artist. His goal is to keep the vision of the project and to set pipelines for a uniform artstyle and a good workflow.

Natascha Steinert


As a co-founder Natascha manages the schedules, milestones, finances and team.
She is also the lead level designer for Through The Cold and game designer.
In this position she will put everything in place to create beautiful landmarks and stunning environment.

Yasmin Burkhardtsmaier


Yasmin takes part in Through The Cold as the lead programmer. She has the important task to keep the game running, hunt down bugs and to implement new exciting features.

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