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Game Design & Development
Our Team is experienced in game design and our ideas already got funded by the FFF Bayern. We can help you with the process of turning your idea into a good game design.

You already have a well developed game design or a game in development?
We can also support you develop and finalize your game!

Game Assets & 3D Models
We offer 3D-Models in various complexity options. If you need interior or props for your project, we would like to create them for you.

Media Design
Another part of our services target the presentation of your websites or company. We offer the service of logo design and icon design for your projects.

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Game Design

You already have a rough idea for a game, but doesn´t know how to continue the process? We are here to help you working out a detailed game design document.

Game Development

You already have an existing game design and want support to develop the project? We will help you developing your game using the Unreal Engine.

3D Asset - Low Complexity

The low complexity assets are assets with a low polycount and without any complex textures. As seen in this image eventhough the asset consideres many small objects, the textures consist of a single color.

3D Asset - Medium Complexity

This assets consist of multiple less complex objects and contain a UV-unwrap as well as a texture set that has been created using the PBR workflow. The asset can contain multiple UDIMs.

3D Asset - High Complexity

As well as the medium complexity asset, this option uses the PBR workflow including a UV-unwrap and UDIMs. These assets are build more complex and can have a higher polycount. 

Material Creation

We create different tilable materials for you using Substance Designer.
These materials for example could be wood planks as seen in the image as well as brickwalls or ground materials for your project.

3D Asset - UV Unwrapping

We will do the unwrap for you. If you lack time for your project or dislike the work of unwrapping your finished 3D models, we are here to help. We unwrap the objects and use UDIMs if you like. 

Logo Design | Icon Design

Building a business and need a strong logo to represent you and your business? We would love to create it for you! Get in contact with us and we will guide you through the whole process, including colorpalettes, ideation, as well as what to consider or wich mistakes to avoid. 

Next to Logos we also create easy to understand Icons for your projects!

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